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What are Some Specific Activities at Memory Care & Personal Care at The Park?
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“They go out on trips, they go out to eat, they go to movies. Coming into the facility we have mobile art displays that come in. We have guest speakers that come in on various topics. We have, of course, lots of arts and crafts, bingo, lots of games to keep their minds stimulated: Current events and trivia. Those are some things we do every day.

We also have an exercise program every morning. And then another great program that we have is through the Fox Better Living Program. We have an exercise physiologist come into the facility weekly to do our more intensive program with our residents, no cost to them. The key to the quality of life is movement, being active and we like to maintain that and give that opportunity to our residents. They love to come and do the more intensive exercise program. So there’s always something happening and our calendars change on a monthly basis, so that’s another great thing. There’s always something new and exciting.”

Michele DiVincenzo
Administrator, Memory Care at The Park and Personal Care at The Park



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