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How Important Is Continued Care While Staying at Memory Care & Personal Care at The Park?
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“It’s paramount. In my career the most wonderful thing you can do for a family is to hold their hand through the entire process and to be there for them. It’s very rewarding. We’ve had families over the years, and now I even have the next generation. I’ve had the parents, and because of the time that I’ve been here, I now have had the children come to us to stay and live out their years.

The families are so thankful that they know that their family member never has to leave us. We do hospice. We do end of life care. It’s a comfort that they know that Donna and I and the familiar faces they see every day that have been caring for their parents throughout the years, will be there at the end just like they were on the first day when they came. So it is very important and very often the families breath a sigh of relief when I say, “Oh no, your family can stay with us for the duration. They never have to leave us.”

Michele DiVincenzo
Administrator, Memory Care at The Park and Personal Care at The Park

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