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Optimal Care Environment

Memory Care at the Park, through our person-centered care strategy, is fully committed to providing an Optimal Care Environment for your loved one.

There are five cornerstones in our Optimal Care Environment approach:

1. Safety & Security

We provide an environment that encourages and supports independence while promoting safety. At the heart of this is safe and secure access to the outdoors with full control over unauthorized entrance or exit. Our approach goes far beyond what is regulated by law and that of other dementia care facilities. Advanced security cameras identify visitors prior to admission. Our nurse’s station is a state-of-the-art hub for resident safety, security and comfort where staff can observe areas of the community. Safety features are employed throughout the facility including call lights at the top of every resident’s private room that can be activated by a resident or caregiver. The illuminated lights can be seen from the nurse’s station from either end of the hallway. A strobe light alert system is also incorporated throughout the community and visible throughout. Lastly, significant storage has been incorporated throughout the facility providing a safe, clutter-free environment. This coupled with a serene décor and high levels of contrast between floors and walls add a significant level of safety for our residents.

2. Social Engagement

Promoting social engagement is an important part of our optimal care environment. Every interaction between your loved one and our staff is an excellent opportunity to encourage engagement and stimulation. Our social lounge is designed to be welcoming while providing the warmth and feel of a large family room. Numerous activities are offered with an emphasis on respecting various levels of functionality and personal preferences as a spectator or participant.

3. Food & Hydration

The design of our dining room is a family style setting of tables for four to promote social engagement. This also allows staff to monitor residents for subtle changes in eating behavior possibly signaling an underlying issue that can be addressed to assure proper nutrition. The dining room atmosphere also promotes a pleasant experience while allowing control of light and sound to minimize distractions. Finally, calorie intake is critical to your loved one’s health so we prepare delicious meals that are high in nutrient density, calories and protein. We make every effort to accommodate your loved one’s preferences including beverage choices.

4. The Benefits of Wandering

Wandering provides important benefits to loved ones living with dementia including helping them maintain mobility and making choices. The goal is to provide the highest level of safety and security, however, while they do wander independently. Our outdoor walking path is designed specifically for the unique needs of people living with dementia. It provides a safe and secure looped path with a high degree of contrast between the path, building and landscaping helping to avoid confusion while providing a stimulating and enjoyable experience.

5. Pain Management

We assure effective pain management for your loved one by assessing and treating pain in a formal systematic manner. Our daily licensed nursing staff help identify pain and pain behaviors even if your loved one has difficulty communicating. We provide medical consultation and physical therapy and offer pharmacological, non-pharmacological or a combination of both for effective pain management solutions. Additionally, we provide blood work, vision and dental care within the community.

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