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What Is the Process Like to Join Personal Care at The Park?
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Traditionally, it’s the rare instance that the actual resident comes to us. Usually, it’s a family member that’s looking for care for a parent or a loved one, relative, or even a friend, that they’ve come to the point where the loved one needs care. Either they’re in their home and they’re not making it any more, that there’s need, or they’re coming from a rehab setting after an acute illness that they’re not ready to go back home, or that that illness that they’ve experienced, they’ve not been able to bounce back to go back to an independent setting.

So they will come in to see us. Traditionally, we go through what we have to offer, that we do have the nursing care, the full gamut of the services that we can provide, and the help that we can give to, not only the resident, but to the family. And then at that point, we will schedule a visit. Either the family member can bring the resident to us to see the facility, or sometimes we’ll go out to a facility if they’re in one, or go out to their home and visit with them and see what type of medications they take and to have a conversation to see what their expectations are of us and whether we can meet their needs. Then we have a physical completed by a physician that is stating that they’re appropriate to come to us. The physician has certified that they are appropriate for our community.

So after all of that is in place, traditionally it doesn’t take long. It can be a fairly rapid process if need be, and we go from there and set up admissions.

Michele DiVincenzo
Administrator, Memory Care at The Park and Personal Care at The Park

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