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What Are Some Successes That Occurred at Memory Care & Personal Care at The Park?
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When we first opened our Memory Care unit back in 2010, one of our clients came to us. He had dementia, but it was due to head trauma. He was not expected to do very well. His wife fully anticipated having him stay with us for the duration of his life. As time passed, he did better and better each day. He got some of his memory back. He recovered a bit. Through intensive physical therapy and occupational therapy, which he did receive here on site, he was able to get back to a fairly functional state of being.

His wife was so thankful, so encouraged week after week, month after month that she got to the point that she began to take him home overnight to see how he would do. It was hard at first. It was difficult for both of them. He wanted so desperately wanted to go home. She so desperately wanted him to be home but was fearful that it might not work.

Time went on, and he got stronger, he better each and every day. She took him home. And several months after he had been home, she was in the neighborhood and she stopped in to visit with him. Was life perfect? No. Were they able to see themselves through to a point, where they were able to build a new life after his injury? Yes. So that was one of our first residents and one of our very joyous success stories that we are able to share.

Michele DiVincenzo
Administrator, Memory Care at The Park and Personal Care at The Park

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