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What are Some Success Stories that Occur at The Farms?
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I can speak as the administrator here at Gloria Dei Farms, but I can also speak as a residents son. My parents have been residents here at gloria Dei Farms since the Fall of 2006. So my parents actually lived here long before I ever envisioned working for the Gloria Dei Communities. I can tell you from a son’s perspective that this move was the best my parents ever did. They enjoyed their home, but it was starting to overwhelm them, and I know my brothers and I were always stepping in to help out, not that we minded. But we all have homes and families of our own. And I think once my parents came here and got their sea legs, they realized how much they enjoy it. In fact, if you walk in their doors and bump into my father his exact words to you are “I should have done this ten years before I did.” There’s a peace of mind here, and I hear it from a lot of the different family members. They say there’s just a warmth here.

We’ve had instances were a husband and wife will move in, and after a couple years sadly one of the spouses will pass away, but it’s comforting for the family to know, and it’s comforting for the staff to know that even though one of the spouses has left us, the other spouse is surrounded by a community of friends and just a caring community that’s going to wrap their arms around them. And they’re not alone. They’re not in a home all by themselves. They’re with their friends. They’re with people that care about them. And it’s just amazing. I’m always amazed at how our residents will rally around a resident that is going through a tough time. And it’s nice to see. It gives you faith again in humanity that people will rise to the occasion.

So like I say, an apartment is…there are apartments everywhere you can rent. But here you’re not really renting an apartment, you’re becoming part of a caring community.

Larry Taylor
Administrator at The Farms

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