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Questions and Answers

We know you have lots of questions about your potential new home.

Here are some of the ones we hear most often. If you don’t see your question listed below, just Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help.

Am I allowed to have visitors stay with me overnight?

Yes, you’re allowed to have visitors stay with you overnight. Our House Rules permit residents to have visitors stay for up to two weeks. If any visitor wishes to stay for a longer time, they must receive permission from the Administrator to extend their visit.

Are there any activities in your community?

We have a very active Residents’ Association which organizes lunches, dinners, entertainment and socials. There are regularly scheduled evenings for Bingo, Shuffleboard, Pool and Cards. The Association also runs a small Coffee Shop where residents can buy a selection of dairy and frozen foods as well as some dry goods and paper products. Read More

Is there any public transportation?

The SEPTA Route 130 stops directly in front of our community. It runs on an hourly basis from Bucks County Community College through one of the Newtown shopping centers to St. Mary Medical Center and then onto Neshaminy Mall and ending at Franklin Mills Mall. Residents may use Bucks County Transport for personal visits to doctors, stores, banks, etc. Read More

Do you provide reserved parking for residents with cars?

Yes, we do provide reserved parking spaces for residents with cars. Each household will be assigned a parking spot that they will be able to utilize close to their building. We want our residents to have the option to drive to the grocery store, pick up supplies, get a meal, etc. Read More

Are residents in your community allowed to have pets?

Yes, residents in our community are allowed to have pets provided they comply with the House Pet Rules. These rules are mandated and approved by HUD. However, if you or your partner happens to have a disability such as loss of vision, there are no restrictions on assistive animals such as seeing eye dogs or anything similar to that situation. Read More

What fire prevention devices are installed in the building?

The Plaza’s fire system was extensively renovated and updated in the past two years and improvements continue to be made all the time. There is a sprinkler system throughout the hallways and public areas, and fire safety walls between each unit. Every apartment has at least one smoke detector as well as an extension “horn” for the main building alarm so the occupants will always be alerted to a fire emergency even if they are asleep with their bedroom door closed. Read More

What arrangements are made for the safety and security of the residents?

All entry doors are kept locked at all times and residents may enter the building using key “fobs” which operate various doors. Visitors must contact the residents they are coming to see or the Office staff to gain admission via a phone system. Residents are instructed never to admit anyone that is not visiting them. Read More

What happens if there is any kind of emergency when the Office is closed?

We have two apartments set aside for Resident Night Managers to reside in. The Night Mangers take it in turn to be on duty whenever the Office is closed on nights, weekends, holidays, etc. so that if there is any kind of problem, whether a health or a building problem, a member of staff will always be available to summon professional help. Read More

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