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What are the Main Differences Between Memory Care & Personal Care at The Park?
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“Our Memory Care Unit is a secure unit. But it’s not just about someone needing an environment that is such that they cannot exit. Our Memory Care is so much more than that. Our Memory Care is for those that…suffer from dementia, Alzheimer’s, Multi Infarct Dementia, Lewy Body could benefit from an environment that is geared to those types of diagnoses. Here at The Park we take care of residents that have a multitude of diagnoses. And dementia is often one of those.

But sometimes there comes a point, just by virtue of size of the unit, (at The Park we have 57 units and lots of open space) that can become overwhelming to folks that have dementia. Also, some of the activities are not paced for those that have dementia. They’re not geared the same way. So by virtue of our unit, (our Memory Care unit’s just having 21 rooms) and the specialized staff that have specialized training, they can benefit from an increased staffing level, programming from an activities perspective that’s geared specifically to their successes, where that resident might be a little frustrated and not quite understand or be able to succeed in the activities program at The Park. Where at Memory Care they thrive. The smaller space is much more comfortable. The natural light is conducive to helping the residents through the day and getting through the afternoon where sometimes Sundowning can be of a concern. At The Park, it’s very light and bright, but it’s different programming specifically focusing on that part of their disease process. We have proven tools that we can help them through to have a better quality of life, active life, and in a more relaxed environment for them.”

Michele DiVincenzo
Administrator, Memory Care at The Park and Personal Care at The Park

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