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As you begin life at Gloria Dei, we know you’ll have lots of questions.

Here you can learn about your own community, but also a variety of other topics as well. On this page, you’ll find articles covering lots of issues of interest to you. Looking for simple and healthy recipes? We’ve got them. Looking for ways to stay active? We’ve got them. This is your source for all kinds of tips to make your life easier or more enjoyable! Take a look and see what captures your interest.

5 Valuable Tips for Communicating with Seniors Suffering from Dementia

As Alzheimer’s disease or any other form of dementia progresses in the brain of a loved one, it makes it increasingly difficult to communicate with them. This disease blocks neuron connections and inhibits information from being shared within the brain to the rest of the body. As a result, even the smallest of conversations can be very difficult to get through with someone who has Alzheimer’s disease. Read More

National Nutrition Month

Since February is American Heart Month, it seems fitting that the next month is National Nutrition Month. In order to keep that heart healthy, one must continue on eating foods that facilitate a healthy lifestyle and not inhibit one. That’s why you should spend March celebrating this important awareness month by watching what you eat! Read More

AMD Awareness Month

February plays host to a couple of awareness concerns. In addition to it being American Heart Month, it is also AMD and Low Vision Awareness Month. In order to celebrate this 28-day observation, it’s important to understand what AMD is and how it contributes to poor vision. It’s also important to learn how to manage it because AMD can lead to permanent loss of vision that cannot be reversed. Read More

Heart Healthy Habits for American Heart Month

The term heart disease covers many different ailments that may affect, not only your heart, but also your blood vessels or even the way your heart beats. It’s synonymous with cardiovascular disease. As a result of the many conditions it covers, heart disease is the leading cause of death in America. Read More

National Influenza Vaccination Week

The first full week of December is dedicated to getting your flu shot. It’s a simple procedure that most people skip out on from year to year. They feel it’s unnecessary or their fear of needles is enough to keep them from getting one. However, statistics prove time and time again, that there are plenty of benefits when it comes to receiving your flu shot. Read More

Go Purple for a Purpose

Around the time history began to be recorded, the color purple was an important one. The dye that was used to create the color was extremely hard to come by. As a result, if you owned a cloak or a sash that was purple, it usually meant you were of big importance, such a royalty. Read More

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Prevention and Detection

If you’re watching any sporting event in the month of October, you’ll notice one thing: most, if not all, of the athletes are wearing pink. Whether it’s a glove, a wristband, or even the jersey altered to have the color in there, everyone is wearing pink. What does the streak of pink represent? Read More

5 Activities for Stimulating Your Brain

Although scientists are uncertain about the reasons behind dementia, they do know that it is caused by a lack of or blocked connections within the brain. For some reason they stop forming or even become destroyed which makes it difficult for information to be transported or processed. As a result, learning and remembering become incredibly difficult. Read More

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