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As you begin life at Gloria Dei, we know you’ll have lots of questions.

Here you can learn about your own community, but also a variety of other topics as well. On this page, you’ll find articles covering lots of issues of interest to you. Looking for simple and healthy recipes? We’ve got them. Looking for ways to stay active? We’ve got them. This is your source for all kinds of tips to make your life easier or more enjoyable! Take a look and see what captures your interest.

Assisted Living: The Difference Between Independent Living

Have you found that your parent or loved one is having difficulty dressing themselves? Do they struggle to get into the shower every morning or evening? Is cooking a meal on their own too much of a task? If so, that means every day activities have become too burdensome for them. Read More

3 Therapies for your Loved One with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease

As the number of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia patients rises, so has the number of treatment options for these cognitive impairment disorders. Research facilities all over the world have been in search of the miracle cure that can stop and ultimately reverse the effects of the different types of dementia. Unfortunately, nothing has been created so far, but minor breakthroughs are occurring. Read More

Schedule an Eye Appointment for Cataracts Awareness Month

Unfortunately, our senses can degrade as we age. It’s not uncommon for older adults to require a pair of glasses to read a book or ask someone to repeat what they said due to hearing loss. These are quite familiar problems. However when it comes to your vision, if you’re experiencing cloudiness or colors seem to be faded, you may be experiencing a cataract. Read More

National Aphasia Awareness Month: Dementia Vs. Aphasia

The month of June has several important awareness issues featured within its 30 days. One of those important issues is aphasia. This is a speech or language disorder that is caused from complications in the brain. Often times, the symptoms of aphasia can be confused with that of dementia. However, there are differences between the two disorders. Read More

Dementia and Perception

When it comes to our vision, the process is quite complicated. It’s a multi-tier system that allows us to see and perceive simultaneously. And yes, there is a difference between those two things. When we see something, it’s merely an electrical impulse being sent to the brain. However, in order to perceive it, the brain has to take those electrical impulses and make sense of the raw data. Read More

Protecting Your Skin in the Summer Months

May begins that lovely time of year when the sun shines longer and brighter, bringing on those wonderful summer days. Unfortunately as the sun gets hotter, our chance of skin cancer increases. For this reason, the month of May is dedicated to spreading awareness on this issue in order to lower our risk of getting skin cancer. Read More

Diabetes Being Linked to Dementia

All too often, older adults are stricken by a disease that is largely preventable. Various forms of heart disease and even the flu, when receiving the proper vaccination, can be avoided. The same goes for diabetes. By ways of diet and exercise, type 2 diabetes does not have to be an inevitable result of aging. Read More

World Health Day 2016: Beating Diabetes

World Health Day is a global awareness day celebrated every April 7th and organized by the World Health Organization (WHO). In a continued effort to curb various health issues throughout the entire globe, this organization has been raising awareness for various issues since the 1950’s. These issues include: mental health, active aging, heart health, and this year they’ll be raising awareness for diabetes. Read More

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