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What Are Some of the Features Found at The Farms?
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Some of the nice features of living in a community like gloria Dei Farms is, not only the fact that we have wonderful, large 1 and 2 bedroom apartments or 2 bedrooms with a den, so the apartments are wonderful, but outside your apartment door the amenities we offer: we have a 14 passenger bus that we use to take our residents, no charge, grocery shopping, we go to the local convenience stores such as Wal-Mart, we’ll do mall trips, we’ll go to the local malls for shopping. That’s just one of the few perks that you have living here in a community.

All of our apartments have the asher and dryer hook ups in them. so you have your own laundry room right inside your own apartment, which is nice. There’s extra storage. Every apartment gets a small storage area in our storage location, which is great for storing Christmas items, suitcases, and large items that you really don’t want to tie up space in your apartment. So they’re features that come with each Gloria Dei apartment. We are completely secure, as far as our entrances are all videotaped and monitored 24 hours a day.

We have a key fab system for security so no one can enter the building unless they have the electronic key that each resident is given. It gives you peace of mind, security, when you walk in our doors, once that door shuts behind you, no one is coming in unless we know about it. And that’s huge, because we all look for security in our lives. These are just simple things we do in our communities to make people feel safe and secure.

Larry Taylor
Administrator at The Farms

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