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What is the Experience Like Transitioning to The Farms?
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I always tell new residents that’s it’s a learning process like anything. Change, none of us are excited about change in life. That’s just a human nature thing. No one likes change. But I always tell people, once you get settles in, it might take a month or two, make sure you get out and meet some of your neighbors. If a resident wants to show you their apartment, jump at the chance, because you’ll get ideas on how you can decorate your apartment or things you can do in your apartment.

I always tell people get involved even if it’s in one or two things. Get involved. That way you’ll meet new people. You’ll get out and get to know your neighbors. You’ll get to know other residents in the community that might not live in close proximity to you. You’ll make friendships. At Gloria Dei Communities, we have so much to offer. We have a full calendar of events and social activities. Get out there and deep your feet in the water. Put your toe in the water and get a feel for it. You can be as active as you want in one of our communities. Or you can be as private as you want, but it’s a wonderful place to live.

We have residents that have been with us since the day we opened 26 years ago, and we are a 55 and over community. Currently, our youngest resident is 56 years old and our oldest resident just turned 101. So we think we’re doing it right. We’ve got many generations under one roof but all living very happily together. It’s a great lifestyle. Give us a call, come in, take a no obligations tour, and let us show you what an exciting community we have at Gloria Dei Farms here at Hatboro.

Larry Taylor
Administrator at The Farms

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