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5 Benefits of Assisted Living Facilities

As the population ages in the US and we watch more and more of the baby boomer generation retire, our country will continue to see a rise in the need for at home care. However, an increasingly popular option has become assisted living. Previously, assisted living has had an unwanted stigma attached to it. But now we’re starting to see what a positive influence continued care in a community environment can do for an individual. If a loved one is having a hard time managing the chores of owning a home or burdened by the activities of everyday life, you might be surprised what a relief it can be for them to move into an assisted living facility. Here are 5 of the top benefits your loved one can receive from moving into an assisted living community.

1. Access to Physical Activities

There’s never a wrong time to continue moving. It’s important to remain active for the duration of your life. Of course, you can’t remain as active in your 60’s and 70’s compared to when you were in your teens and 20’s. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything at all. Research continues to find more and more evidence that exercise is important at every stage of your life.

Unfortunately, if a loved one is isolated in their own home without access to transportation, that makes physical activity nearly impossible. Sure, there are activities you can do at home, but once again, being isolated hurts when it comes to motivation. It makes it much easier when you’re with a group than exercising by yourself. Luckily at Personal Care at the Park, this is exactly what you get! Group exercises occur regularly every day and there doesn’t need to be much travel involved! It’s right in your own home.

2. Promotes More Social Interactions

Another important aspect of growing older is remaining socially active. It’s just as important as remaining physically active! Being social promotes mental health, as it staves off depression and other mental health illnesses. That’s the beauty of living in a community. Your loved one will always be surrounded by individuals who care about them. They’ll also have plenty of opportunities to talk to and meet new friends. This is from the many activities and outings planned throughout the year or even from their own ambitions to get out there and meet new people!

3. Safer Living Environment

As your loved one ages in their own home, certain things become a bit of a safety hazard. The burdens of everyday life can become too much. This includes activities such as walking up and down stairs, entering and exiting the shower, or just trying to get dressed every day. Plus, if an emergency happened to occur, your loved one may be incapacitated and be unable to dial 911 or alert a neighbor for assistance. However, at Personal Care at the Park, we have a licensed nurse on duty 24 hours a day. We also have plenty of caregivers ready to lend a hand. This grants your loved one the peace of to live each day care free and helps you rest easy at night knowing your loved one is in good hands!

4. Prepared Meals

A big issue as we age is our nutrition. For starters, it’s a big hassle to cook for yourself every night. As a result, your loved one may order takeout food every night or opt for the easy microwavable meal, instead of fixing their own nutritious meal, which tends to be more nutritious for oneself. Not to mention, our taste buds change as we age. So the same foods we used to love might not be as delicious. This can cause your loved one to eat less. These two scenarios are a major reason why senior malnutrition is quite common. Luckily at assisted living communities such as Personal Care at the Park, all meals are prepared ahead of time. There’s no need for your loved one to worry about where the next meal is coming from. Plus, each meal is prepared with nutrition in mind!

5. Zero Home Maintenance

It’s a telling sign that your loved one may need to move to assisted living if you notice their house is becoming cluttered. Again, the burdens of everyday life do not just come from cooking and bathing but from home maintenance as well. This can be quite troublesome, especially if your loved one is still living in the house where you and your family grew up. They can still be living in a three or four-bedroom house, trying to take care of it the best they can. However, what they should be doing is downsizing and moving to a community where they no longer have to worry about such chores. At assisted living communities, your loved one is not responsible for upkeep or housekeeping. The only thing they’re responsible for is to make sure they’re having a good time!

The Future is within the Community

As the stigma surrounding assisted living communities begins to lessen and lessen, more and more families will begin to realize what a positive effect communities such as Personal Care at the Park have on their loved one’s lives. From fewer chores, to better nutrition, and happier social lives, there’s not much to dislike about assisted living. If you or someone you love would like to explore this option, we encourage you to sign up for a free tour of Personal Care at the Park by clicking the link here. Don’t just read about the 5 best benefits. Experience them!

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